Saturday, January 31, 2009


I feel like leaving a message is just one of those things. You know... those things that when I call someone and they don't answer, I feel awkward. If their phone was on, they now know that I called (missed calls). Do I leave a message? Do I hang up and try again? How long do I wait before trying again? Do I leave a message the second time? Can I expect them to return my call?

Maybe they left their phone at home. Maybe they can't hear it buried in their purse (oh man, my sister is totally this one). Maybe they're busy and they'll call back later. Maybe they won't call back unless I leave a message. Maybe they won't call back unless I ask them too in my message. Maybe....

My solution: always return the call.

And hope that others will do likewise.


  1. It's even more awkward if you're calling a girl to ask her out on a date! Does she see I called and just didn't want to pick it up, or did she miss the call and feels awkward about returning it?

    Not that I would know though -- since I'm married an all.

  2. Haha, yes! I always try to assume the best, but you can't help but wonder.

  3. I hate voicemail. I let messages sit on my phone for a long long time, and just call the person back... maybe. With my job being so centered on the telephone, the last thing I want to do after work is phone stuff.