Saturday, December 15, 2007

Life thus far

I'm getting bored. Why isn't life gripping me like it has before? Where's the excitement and adventure? Am I just not seeking it or is this just a time when stuff will be boring? Or maybe life is exciting and I'm just not paying attention. Hmm, things to ponder.

Kate gets back today, I'm so excited to see her! I think that barely anything compares to that, except for this feeling of impending doom relating to finals. I'm having so much trouble studying and I lost all of yesterday for it because I went to Centenial and Andrew was completely distracting. It was pretty fun though; I want to hang out with that guy more, and not just to do homework.

Winter break is looking like it'll be awesome. I'm missing TCX for the 4th year, but am gaining skiing in Montana with Travis and my family! I love it. Then we come back and do Christmas at the farm, followed by a week and a half of nothing planned. Then on the 12th of January I leave for California! Wow, I am so surprised that I'm actually going to do that. It's completely spur of the moment, but I have never been to Cali and have always wanted to. I hope it's fun. And then next semester will be sweet with my Tuesday Thursday schedule. I'm still not sure about Vines and Wines on M W nights, but Andrew wants me to stay in it, so I might.

Well, that's as much of an update as I feel like giving right now, for all of my avid readers :)

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Oh Gravity

So a good friend is asking a girl out today. Bummer deal is that I'm kinda interested in her too. What to do? I'm considering others interests above my own. And I think it's the best course of action, because what would I accomplish by messing with this? I would disrupt the relationship I have with my friend and the girl would be faced with a decision that she otherwise wouldn't need to even deal with. So I guess that I'm secretly hoping she says no to my friend so that I can pursue her, but I also think he's a better man and would be better at pursuing her. Basically, I'm number two.

And oh yeah, Switchfoot has a concert tonight that I'm not going to.


I was basically told last night that I am observant. Erin Rippl said that I look like I am taking it all in whenever I enter a room, or I carry myself in a way that kind of sends that signal. I especially like to make observations about human interaction and my own thinking processes. Knowing yourself is so fun and being self-aware allows for a lot more self improvement than not.

and I agree with Erin, I try to be observant

Sunday, September 9, 2007


Mitch just hit on the major weak spot of Cru bible studies. They aren't approachable. He just mentioned that he was inviting people to the bible study, not understanding that it's not the same as last year where anyone could come. This is a good thing when you look at the level of study possible with guys who are all committed and somewhat experienced learners, but the weakness shows through when we see how the exclusivity of the study (supposedly necessary to build community and depth) discourages the use of the Body of Christ to minister to those who don't know Jesus or may be new infants in their faith. whoa. That's intense. Am I suggesting that all studies are equally accessible to promote the invitation of others to participate in some amazing Christian fellowship? I think I am.

Friday, August 31, 2007

I'm Bored

I am so excited to be done working full time. I hope that I'll be able to see Jenna this weekend too, but I'm not sure how that'll work out. Tylor is leaving for China in a couple days, I'm gonna miss him. I want to go with him. School's going to be hard this year, but I don't think too hard. I'm really bored at work.

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Good Books And Roommates

Yesterday Taylor and I were perusing the Christianity section of Barnes & Noble and I happened across two books that made me so happy to see. One was called "How On Earth Did Jesus Become A God" and the other was the complete unabridged works of Josephus. So I bought the Josephus one and started reading. I am amazed at how much I enjoy history. This is as dry as a history book. Maybe it's because I'm hoping my questions will be answered or that I will find more evidence to have confidence in the Bible from a historical perspective. I'm really excited about the other one (that I didn't buy) because that specifically addresses a point that I came across when I was looking into what the early church thought and believed about Jesus. I'm not sure what's true, but I'm trying to figure it out.

I am really glad to be living with Taylor this year. I'm also desperately glad that Jeromie and I are starting to connect again, because I know that during Freshman year I intentionally distanced myself from him and it's been kind of awkward ever since. I think that living in the same house and seeing each other more often has and will help that a lot. I love being around for those spur of the moment things like going to Buffalo Wild Wings last night. It was a lot of fun and I would have missed it had I not lived in 1018. Beautiful. Anyways, I always manage to write stuff like this at work, so I should probably get back to that. Peace

Friday, August 24, 2007

[Enter Clever Title Here]

I am not very prolific. I've found that when I'm in the mood I can be very talkative, but for the most part I keep what I'm thinking to myself. I'm not sure if that's good or bad. I do think that I need to process things more/better than I currently do. Since I'm also an external processor, it makes sense, to me, to write about what I'm thinking/feeling/doing so that I can have some way to express it. I don't plan on telling anyone about this, but if you do find it, let me know so that I can be careful about what I write. Most likely, the Scott that you may see here does not represent me very well. Hopefully I can use this as a journal of sorts, but we'll need to see about that. That's good for now, especially since I'm supposed to be doing some testing at the moment. I think I'll get to it. Peace

Friday, July 27, 2007

The First

I love Google.