Monday, February 16, 2009

Sometimes I Wish I Was Funny

Everybody knows someone who is stinkin' hilarious. I know a lot of those folks, and I love to laugh with them. Sometimes though, I start to get jealous. Why am I not a funny guy?

I am one of the worst story tellers ever. I mean it, I am downright bad. I can occasionally build some momentum in the telling of a tale, but the climax ends up being a cliff of disappointment that we all stumble over as you think I'm getting to the good part. Surprise! There is no good part. I got you excited for nothing.

Sometimes I try to make my stories as bad as possible, hopefully redeeming them with the different kind of funny that makes you laugh at how bad something is. Does that work? I hope so.

The reason I bring up stories is because they are a pivotal part of someones hilarity. The ability to effectively capture attention in an enjoyable way is just one step away from being the funniest person in the room. Once you have an audience, it's easy to get on a roll and keep cranking out the laughs. Plus, stories are a great place to drop in all those witty comments that crack everybody up. Seriously, I think about some of those for days.

Another way to be funny is to get that one person who will laugh at anything (like me) to be your friend. Then when you're talking with them and they burst out giggling, everyone else will stop what they're doing and think to themselves "oh man, that guy must be the funniest person ever, look at how he's making his friend laugh! I should totally listen to their conversation instead having my own." That's when I mess it up with one of my lame stories, but I know you're better at story telling than me. Keep up the good work!