Saturday, November 8, 2008

My Little Notebook

I've recently started carrying around a little notebook. I had a gift card for Barnes & Noble and there were these perfectly sized notebooks with nice binding (decently sized wire rings) on sale, so I bought two. It took a bit to catch on (I tried journaling but it didn't take. Also, "journaling" not being in many spell checkers=annoying) but now I use bring it with me in my China bag when I go to church or small group or where ever.

I discovered that I have subconsciously developed a system for keeping track of things in my notebook. There are a few big rules:
  • New events get a new underlined title.
  • Every title gets todays date on the left side in the format MM/DD/YY
  • All the stuff that I find interesting gets a bullet point followed by words
  • Verses are listed by reference with a brief summary of what it says/application points to the right
  • Random thoughts/really important stuff goes on the top of the page
So far it's worked really really well! The organization is rather fluid (maybe numbers instead of bullets) but for the most part I can look back and find things that I want to.

One other thing that I've started doing is writing down the names of people I meet, along with some memorable facts about them. Like yesterday I met Jonathan. He's from South Carolina and has a little girl named Elizabeth. Just little things like that which help me remember someone. The thing that I've noticed is that I will pray for the people whose names I write down too. I don't often go back and look at the names, but just writing it down prompts my memory.

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  1. YAY!! You posted and you commented on our blog! :) We didn't really mind that you were an "anonymous" reader, but we do appreciate comments...and we like reading other peoples blogs too.

    p.s. I love Jonathan and Melissa (his wife) and Elizabeth! They are great!!