Friday, January 30, 2009

Why Blog? - Part 2

Why do I blog?
  1. Collect my thoughts.
  2. Express my thoughts.
  3. Be heard.
  4. Share things I've found valuable with others.

Lately I've only been using this to share others thoughts that I enjoy, as someone pointed out., really neglecting the main reasons that I started this (1 and 2). This is probably because I'm a poorly focused perfectionist (a.k.a. things get started but never get done). I start a lot of posts, but rarely finish them.

Part of this is just an experiment, how will the blog evolve. Of course, in posting this I fall into a trap. I have my own ideas, and at least I'm not being apologetic.

Oh yeah, I love hyperlinks!

It's interesting to see how some bloggers spit out tons of posts every day, while others only post sporadically. The quality vs quantity issue is quite the dilemma (I was tempted to hyperlink some examples, I restrained myself).

So I guess we've discovered that I really enjoy sharing the thoughts and content of others with whoever may read this. I really enjoy this stuff. It's interesting, fascinating, challenging, hilarious, etc.! But as the title says, this is the Blog of Scott. So going forward, that's what it'll be.

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  1. did you really make a self-referencing hyperlink? :-P