Tuesday, May 19, 2009

My Wonderful Evening

My mom instant messages me at work and says that some of my aunts and cousins and a sister are getting together for dinner tonight at the Black Forest Inn. I was planning on swimming at the Y then doing a bunch of odd tasks, but decided to spend time with the fam instead.

Dinner was mediocre tasting and way over priced, but I really enjoyed the company. My cousins Lani and Tony were there. Tony and Lani are really young (kindergarten and preschool) and so they are also adorable. Tony plays this game where he calls me Luke to get a rise out of me (playing of course). Lani has the cutest smile ever. They are in the process of being adopted by my aunt Eve (who was there) and uncle Steve (who wasn't there).

So we all parted ways. My aunt Amy and I had to straighten my aunt Lisa and her son Luke out, they were hopelessly disoriented. I get home and do some of those odd tasks. Then I think "it's way too warm out to be inside today, lets go on a bike ride!"

So I grab my bike and head for the Greenway. I really wanted to see other folks who were hanging outside, so I headed to Phillips to see who I would see. I ran into Johnathon on his way back home, so we chatted for a minute. Apparently he has a very early morning on Wednesdays, so he was going to go to sleep soon. We parted ways and I continued to bike around Phillips. Sadly no one I knew was hanging outside, though I did catch a glimpse of the Tongs in their back yard.

So I headed back home and got out the guitar. I just played for a while on our porch, which overlooks the intersection of Lagoon and Irving. AKA it's pretty busy. I had a lot of fun playing, and Meredith, one of the other folks in our building, came out for a smoke. We got to chat about all sorts of stuff, she's pretty cool. I've been "looking" for houses and she has passed a few along to check out. She finally went inside to finish watching Milk with her boyfriend, which had apparently been on pause the whole time she was outside. Then I decided to do what I've wanted to do for a long time...

I met some neighbors! Erik (Eric?) and Kevin live across Irving from us. They are right around my age and both went to school at Winona. They are also brothers. We had a good time chatting about life and will probably do stuff together throughout the summer. I'm excited!

I walk back inside to find my roommate Taylor (who declined my invitation for bike riding) sweating profusely and writhing in the blistering heat. OK, not really, but he wanted to put the AC unit up. As he is in the basement I hear this yelling, followed by him running up the stairs. Apparently a bat had made it into the house and attacked him when he switched on the light! He grabbed a tennis racket and we both walked very slowly down the stairs. He wanted me to go first, so I took the racket and went in. No bat to be seen! We got the AC in with out further ado.

So there you have it, my wonderful evening!


  1. I actually like the Black Forest Inn! Asian and hispanic restaurants abound in this area, but the BFI is the only German place I've seen or been to.

    Taylor didn't get bit or anything, did he?

  2. I went to Black Forest Inn with all of them 2 years ago! Is that like a family favorite now or something? =) So what did lisa & luke need straightening out about????

  3. They wanted to go in the opposite direction of their car and head toward Wisconsin instead of their house. Amy and I were just scratching our heads wondering how they got that turned around. :)

    And Taylor is doing alright. He stays inside most days and has an aversion to Italian food, but I think he'll make it.